Friday, May 1, 2015

Let us show the fun that we are having in Computer club. This is a new class at CD Fulkes. We have started with block coding using Google's CD-First. We have decided to use the theme of Game design to build our skills. We are hoping to end the year with the use of a 3D printer.

Space Aliens

The students in Mrs. Ritchie and Mrs. Jacques-Pineda Classes are learning about Space through the use of Space Aliens. The premise is that 7 aliens have landed on Earth looking for a new home. Your job is to  find them a planet. You are to send out probes to find which planets will allow each alien to survive. Great work. using Alien Rescue is showing a fantastic example of Problem based learning. 

What as the students on Mrs.Peterson's class are learning about Countries in Crisis from each other. They are showing geography with Google draw, Features of government with a Google doc, Culture with a collage in Google draw and the issues facing the country with Google slides. For the final the student will save to their google drives to be able to present the project to the class on May 26th.